IVF Applications

Egg Donation – Egg Transplant

What is Egg Donation (Egg Transplant)? To Whom Can It Be Applied? Egg donation (egg transplant) is a procedure used in patients who can’t become pregnant with their own eggs, but who have a healthy uterus. An egg donor’s eggs are used in this treatment. To Whom Can Egg Donation Be Applied? Menopause patients Patients…

Preimplantation Genetic Screening

In the IVF / ICSI procedures, personal treatment approaches for the individual are taken as basis. Ovarian Stimulation An egg develops in every woman in a natural menstrual period. In the case of IVF treatment, some hormone injections are used on a daily basis to obtain more eggs, to therefore achieve more embryos. This process…

Embryo Donation

What is Embryo Donation? If a couple cannot conceive a baby and if it is confirmed that the man has no sperm and the woman has no egg or if the sperm and egg are unqualified to be used then it is recommended the couple have an embryo donation. In this case, a sperm sample,…

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