Insemination Treatment

Insemination is a method that is applied to patients who cannot get pregnant through natural means.

Some medicines are used to enlarge the eggs (1 or 2 of them) and ensure that they are properly released by the trigger injection. Following this procedure, the sperm is prepared in the laboratory at the 36th hour, the fastest ones are selected and the delivery into the uterus is provided by a fine catheter. It is a simple method that does not require anesthesia. The success rate is around 15%.

Application indications:

  • Patients whose infertility reason can not be explained
  • Women experiencing ovulation problems
  • Women with abnormal structure of the cervix
  • A low concentration or motility problem in the sperm

Ovarian stimulation and ovulation induction – Eggs enlargement:

This is a process to increase the chances of pregnancy. It is based on insemination process of 1 or 2 eggs developed naturally or through medicine treatment, in the case of at least one intact tube. For this, a suitable number of sperm and motility are needed. A total of 10-12 days will pass from the start to the end of the treatment.

Sperms Preparation:

The main purpose of sperm preparation is to select sperm with the best movement. For this, fast sperm are separated from other sperm that are dead, still or slow, and are brought to the most suitable condition for insemination.

Insemination / IUI

For this process, sperm must first be prepared. For this reason, it is required to give a sample of sperm at least 2 hours before the procedure. In this way the sperm is made suitable for insemination. During the insemination process, the cervix is ​​brought into a visible state with a so-called speculum. These procedures are similar to the smear procedure, and the whole process is painless and does not require anesthesia. When the cervix is ​​visible with the aid of the speculum, a soft cannula is passed via the cervix where the endometrium is reached. At this stage, preparations were begun 2 hours prior to the procedure and the most rapid sperms chosen, are placed into the endometrium.

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