Gynolife IVF Center

Our IVF center provides services in accordance with the laws and ethical rules regarding IVF in Cyprus.

The pregnancy rate is at high levels at the Gyno Life IVF Center, which determines success and patient satisfaction as its primary goal, and as a result, patient satisfaction is at the highest level. Our center is proud of this success and is rapidly moving towards becoming one of Europe’s reference centers in the field of IVF in Cyprus.
Gyno Life IVF Center, with its young, dynamic, innovative and experienced team, is the only IVF center in Cyprus that constantly renews itself in the field of in vitro fertilization and closely follows and applies the developments in the world.
Success is teamwork. The Gyno Life IVF Center team is a team that is highly experienced in its work, works with high energy and motivation, and provides professional service to patients in a family-friendly atmosphere with its friendly staff.

The Medical Director of our center,  Murat Önal, MD shares all his knowledge and experience with his patients to improve our pregnancy rates and ensure success is always at a high level. The doctor-patient relationship must be uninterrupted. He is always with his patients with his smiling face, empathy ability and success-oriented approach.

The embryology laboratory of our IVF center in Cyprus is in European standards and equipped with the highest technology. Accompanied by our highly experienced embryologists, the results of our laboratory are very proud.

In addition, our IVF center has the largest donor portfolio in Cyprus and there is no waiting list! We have donors from many races and ethnicities.

What you want is very important to us.

We listen to you, understand you and continue our work accordingly.