Frequently Asked Questions About First Date

    1. How can I start pre-treatment in Turkey?In Turkey, you can start your pre-treatment, 10 – 12 days pre-treatment process with our contracted doctors.
      Where do I get the tests I need to have?
      You can have it done free of charge in public hospitals.
    2. How many days do we need to stay in TRNC for transactions?

      After the preliminary preparation process of the process to be applied is completed in your location, your arrival date in Cyprus is determined and your stay in Cyprus can be the shortest 2 nights and the longest 7 nights, depending on the procedure you will do. You can find out exactly about this period by calling our center according to your transaction.
    3. What should we pay attention to in TRNC Travels?
    • PCR test result not exceeding 72 hours by calculating the arrival day without buying a flight ticket
    • On the specified flight day, you must be at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure time.
    • It is not possible to enter the TRNC with any identification card other than an identity card or passport. Citizens of the Republic of Turkey can enter the TRNC with their new chip ID cards.
    • Persons who will fly must have their identity cards with them.
    • Double Vaccinated and Covid-19 persons can enter the TRNC without quarantine, provided that they show their documents.
    • Double Vaccinated and non-Covid persons are quarantined to the quarantine hotel by the vehicle they will meet from Ercan Airport.
      Free PCR is available on arrival at Ercan Airport.
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